Top-Quality Frankincense Resin Exporters

Bargaal Frankincense & Myrrh exports frankincense, opium Panax, and myrrh resins. As a well-known frankincense resin supplier, our products’ resin comes exclusively from the Puntland region of Somalia.

We ship our bulk orders from the port of Bosaso in Somalia by all the major shipping companies. Our company creates a spiritual atmosphere that enhances meditation, reduces stress and tension, and uplifts the spirit. And this is why we are among the best frankincense resin exporters.

Explanation as a Frankincense Resin Supplier

You can obtain Frankincense resin by making incisions in the small, deciduous Boswellia sacra tree. The yellow pitch is what people widely use to make incense or perfumes. Since its inception thousands of years ago, frankincense has been a plant of the spirit. As a leading frankincense resin supplier, you can use the fragrant resin alone or blend it with other ingredients to make incense.


In the past, people found harvesters traveling further into the desert in search of high-quality resins. Because of the overharvesting and poor resting of many Omani trees. The growth of cities, neighborhoods and commercial spaces is also encroaching on the space that these trees cover. Only a tiny fraction of stock is currently being released after grabbing control of the entire operation. As a frankincense resin supplier and being among the reputable frankincense resin exporters, we make every attempt to import resins.

Different Uses Based on Egyptian Writings

According to the Egyptian writings, including references to its use in perfumes, cosmetics, and embalming fluids. Those people gather gums and resins during the dry season since rain quickly damages them. After being repeatedly cut into the bark, they allow the gum resins to run out and cure for a few weeks. They transport the resins to adjacent communities where they undergo additional shade drying.

We, being one of the myrrh gum resin and frankincense resin exporters in the United States.



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